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Credit Where Credit Is Due...

This project has been one of the most amazing writing experiences of my life. I have learned more from this one journey, than any other piece I have ever tackled, Real Life or Fanfic. I have learned things about the craft of writing, taken huge steps on the path to finally getting a feel for my individual "voice" as a writer. I have learned things about how my writing reflects in the eyes of readers. I have made friends that will last a lifetime, shared this experience with readers from all over the world. It blows my mind that a little Mid-Western girl like me, has readers from all walks of life in Scotland and France and Germany and South Africa, checking my web site in anticipation of the next posting. How did that happen??? Mind you, I'm not claiming any significant degree of popularity or influence as far as fic writers go. There are many in this amazing community with more talent, more experience, and much bigger followings than I. I'm just amazed and thrilled by what I have.

This project was founded on what I like to call a "Reader Repellant Premise" And the fact that I could start with such a thing, and that over time so many readers were willing to give my take on Daniel Waterson a chance and listen to the story I had to tell...well that just continues to amaze me.

First and foremost, I have to thank my betas. These folks went far above and beyond the calls of standard beta duty. I mean, really, who, in their right mind, thinks they're committing to over three years of work when they say "sure, I'll take a look at your new story for you".

SheaClaire--the first beta I ever had, and you spoiled me right from the start on what a beta should be.:) You stuck with this project through all the stresses and demands in your own life, and came back around into a fandom you weren't even really part of anymore to help me make this the best story it could be. Hugs abound.

MaybeAmanda--you never hesitate to kick me in the ass and knock some sense into me when I need it, and you're the only one with that kind of nerve, which makes you absolutely indispensible. You made this project something better, and for that I can't thank you enough. Why, without you, there would be several hundred more ellipses in this story.:)

Teddy E--my Mom.:) Your support is endless. I wouldn't be doing this without you. Your eye for grammar is excellent. But your bravery in reading each and every one of the NC-17 scenes (even if you did so with a sack over your head) and never once making a single negative comment, is what truly wins you the Beta Mother of the Year prize.:)

Mim--my dear, sweet Mim. You tolerated endless chapters of Daniel Waterston, and for that, you should be sainted. You also know more about English and grammar than anyone has a right to, and you keep me respectible. You even fix my spelling from British English back to American, when English is *your* native tongue, and American mine. May you always search for those same keywords we always have and find endless delights as a result.:)

Carol--my latecomer to the ground, and my number one cheerleader. Your support has been invaluable, and your turnaround time rocks. You really see what I put on the page, and there is no greater gift to a writer than that.

BoneTree--okay, technically you never got a chance to read a single word of the story (which I will never stop pointing out to you), but you graciously and enthusiastically accepted my humble request to help me out betaing, and that in itself was an inspiration.:)

Peter--my husband. Your support has never wavered. You always ask how the responses are looking to my latest chapter, even when you yourself may have fallen behind a bit on the reading. And most of all, I must thank you for being *my* one in five billion. Without the life I've had with you, I would never be able to put the kind of passion into Scully's loves that I have. It is all drawn from you. As is much of the technical expertise...;-) (legal stuff...yeah, sure, I meant legal stuff...;-))

Megan and Beatha and Wish and Tali for research help.

And now, I must express my deepest thanks to everyone who took the time out of their lives to read this fic. To indulge me, to spend time in my own little fantastical universe. To anyone who wrote to me and said they had started out detesting Daniel and came to care about him by the end of the story, you have my undying gratitude. There is no higher compliment on this story.:) To all those who jumped into the story late, and wrote to say they meant to read just a chapter or two, and ended up marathoning through the whole thing until 4am--your words meant the world to me. You made me feel like I just may be a real writer some day.

Thank you to all those who started with me when I first started posting and actually stayed interested in the story through those horribly horribly long spells between postings when my son was young. To the loyal feedbackers who kept me going. The ones who wrote back regarding almost every single chapter. Nancy, Rosie, Nina, Vicki...anyone else I'm forgetting.

To all those who actually read every word of 10c and 12b, rather than skimming and squinting.

Heaping thanks to the loyal Havenites. You have made this adventure so much richer and more fulfilling I can't even tell you. Your analyses and enthusiasm have meant more to me than I can possibly express. Tali, Wishful, AnnaK, Toate, Angie, Kayla, Nancy, Kudra, Veve, xdksfan, ahab, abracadabra, and all the others--you've given me a priceless gift.

And lastly, the greatest thanks of all to anyone who has actually read all the way through these Thank Yous.:)

I'll shut up now...


Copyright (c) 2003 Elizabeth Rowandale